The Apple Music arrived today (30) to the devices from hundreds of countries, including Brazil. The new music streaming service enters a tight market, which already has Deezer, Pandora, Rdio, Tidal and especially Spotify, the market leader, investing in a new package and apple brand of tradition in the technology industry.

But is it worth migrating from Spotify to the Apple Music? To take this course, we compare some key features of the two services for you to decide the right app for your musical needs. Check out:

Free service

While Spotify allows users to listen to the music catalog for free (having only to deal with the many commercial), Apple Music will not give the same tsp. Who does not afford to pay the monthly fee will have access to very limited resources in the streaming service from Apple, but can only monitor (may follow, but not hear) the pages of your favorite artists and enjoy only the songs of Radio Beats, mounted by itself AM .

Who wins: Spotify

monthly price

Individual Plan Apple Music goes for $ 4.99. If you choose the family plan that includes up to six different accounts, you pay $ 7.99 per month. With only one account, the signature of Spotify costs a few coins unless.

Who wins: Spotify (tight)


With the huge iTunes music library available, Apple could not fail to variety. And really not lagged behind the competition. As Spotify, the Apple Music has over 30 million tracks – songs purchased by the user previously are automatically available for hearing the application. In addition, the new service also includes all Taylor Swift discs, which withdrew its Spotify albums last year complaining about low pay.

Who wins: Apple Music


Apple Music bet much of his chips on Radio Beats, available even to non-subscribers. The other stations online, the new service differs little from Spotify: many are selected genres – and who feel contemplated can not yet make their own playlists to discs and favorite artists. The idea is that you do not spend too much time waiting for a song you like.

Who wins: tie

Sound Quality

The premmium version of Spotify has high sound quality: 320kbps. The paid version of Apple Music comes out a little behind and can get up to 256kbps. The free version of Spotify wheel tracks at 160 kbps.

Who wins: Spotify


Apple Music comes with an interesting feature, Connect. There, artists can communicate with their fans with videos, texts and music that should not be seen in other media. Spotify, the pages of the artists containing only the albums and related singles, lacking unique content.

Who wins: Apple Music

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