Share good times and achievements you would like is always something that nourishes our souls and makes us move forward with more strength and determination. Now, imagine you … with determination and courage, creating a new concept, suffers prejudice, criticism, but do not let shake and move on. Breaking barriers in his personal life, feels that lopsided look of your friends and family, but even so, beyond a dividing line created without reason, to separate what is “good or bad”, and goes where there earlier when he performed his initial idea had never imagined reaching. What is the biggest reward and what would be the best way to thank all the good that the universe is providing you?

With #BrasilNoTopoComAlok hashtag, DJ number 1 in Brazil and now number 44 in the world, chose the best videos posted by its most passionate fans and gave the 10 of them, a full day of celebrations that began in an exclusive party on a yacht in Dublin and ended at the birthday party of eight years of Green Valley, with the right to follow their set, there by your side in club booth. What fan would not love this experience?

Alok Congratulations! Her story of determination, courage and always with gratitude to all who are around you, whether fans or friends who work with you, are immortalized and demonstrated humility in attitudes as this last weekend.

Forward, always, #AlokTeam!

Dan Polastri

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