The tycoon who intends to be a candidate for president of the United States, Donald Trump does not make any success with the artistic community.

The Aerosmith banned the Republican of using “Dream On,” one of the most famous and important music of the group during the previous.

Trump, however, had already used the song at events in Alamba and Georgia, according to account the site The Hollywood Reporter. A representative of the rockers warned that Trump campaign “does not have permission from our client to use ‘Dream On’ or any other music from our customer” for “gives the false impression that it is connected with or endorse the presidential candidacy Mr. Trump. ”

Before, Neil Young and REM revolted against the use of songs by the eccentric billionaire without authorization. Young even announced support for Bernie Sander, senator considered moderate socialist.

The rapper Azealia Banks, criticism of Trump’s attitudes toward immigration and human rights, compared the politician Adolf Hitler recently.

The crooner Julio Iglesias also announced last week that it will never again sing in casinos billionaire, accused of sexist, homophobic and xenophobic speeches.

Trump even “danced” Aerosmith in one of the events:

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