Afrojack ft. Luis Fonsi, “Wave Your Flag”

In a time where the political climate can be trying to say the least, it’s always a comfort to hear musicians using their voices and talent to spread messages of hope, positivity and acceptance. Afrojack and Luis Fonsi did just that in their “Wave Your Flag” video.

The pop gem comes complete with a video featuring breathtaking scenes from Mexico’s Monterrey, Mexico City, Mérida and Riviera Maya. Those in the video are doing everything from smiling through an broken down Jeep engine to partying at an Afrojack show and having a pool party.

It’s a beautiful song with a meaningful message of “waving your flag” and not only accepting who you are, but loving yourself as well. The end of the video features people on a beach, each dancing and waving a flag from a different country.

Watch the feel-good visual below.

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