Christmas is less than a week away, and if you haven’t started your holiday shopping, well, the clock is ticking.

But worry not, holiday procrastinators! The internet is rich with fabulous gifts for electronic music lovers of all kinds. Whether you’re shopping for your scenester roommate, aspiring producer cousin, or your festival-obsessed sibling, this shopping guide features items that are both thoughtful, functional and available via express shipping. Get clicking!


The Gift: iMaschine 2
What It Is: If you’re buying for an aspiring producer this holiday season, the iMaschine 2 app is a very good move. First up, the app will only cost you $9.99—because let’s not get too crazy, right? Secondly, it’s a very neat tool for making music on an iPhone or iPad, and built by the gurus at Native Instruments. The latest version was released just last month, with 16 pads for making beats, an Arranger to edit tracks on the fly, and many other expanded features that your aspiring producer will appreciate. Our only tip: if they end up making a hit record with your gift, try not to claim too much credit.
What It Costs: $9.99
Who It’s For: Any aspiring producer in your network


The Gift: Lyft Credit
What It Is: This one is really simple. Cast your mind back to the last time you emerged from a club at sunrise, vampiric, bleary-eyed, and far lighter-of-wallet than you ever planned. (Not so long ago, was it?) Wouldn’t it have been nice on that Wednesday morning to have your ride home funded by a friend who gets you? This Christmas, you can be that friend. Go on; pay it forward with a Lyft coupon, available for purchase via your Lyft app.
What It Costs: As much as you want it to.
Who It’s For: Anyone who loves staying out late

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.28.32 AM

The Gift: Anker portable phone charger
What It Is: Anyone who has committed to a 16-hour rave session knows the existential terror of a rapidly draining phone battery. Should your beloved companion die before that unmissable 8am set, there’s no guarantee you’re making it out of the warehouse district alive. The simple solution: an Anker portable battery pack. Gift it to your favorite endurance raver—because if there’s one thing dance music needs right now, it’s more fully-charged phones on dance floors.
What It Costs: $9.99
Who It’s For: Any plugged in person who loves to stay out all night


The Gift: Laurent Garnier’s Electrochoc
What It Is: Is there a special person in your life who rails against the scourge of EDM, believes the minimum set length for a DJ should be four hours, and never needs to use Shazam at a club? Congratulations, you’ve found the perfect candidate for Electrochoc, the autobiography of French DJ legend Laurent Garnier.

The book, first printed in French in 2003, was recently published in English—and it’s a fascinating dive into dance music history. In Garnier’s own words, Electrochoc charts “the whole story of the electronic music scene over the last 30 years from the inside.” Unfortunately, if you order Electrochoc at this last-minute-desperation phase, it won’t arrive in time for Christmas. But hey, your highbrow recipient will appreciate being made to wait for the pay-off.
What It Costs: $37.00
Who It’s For: Anyone who argues that the scene was better back in the day


The Gift: NK Guy: The Art of Burning Man
What It Is: Published by Taschen, this coffee table book by Taschen features glorious images of art that has appeared at Burning Man during the past 16 years. The photos, taken by British photographer NK Guy, reveal the incredibly ornate pieces constructed in the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada for the famous annual event. From the kooky to the ornate to the truly profound, the book is a beautifully constructed reminder of the Playa.
What It Costs: $59.99
Who It’s For: Anyone still raving about their 2012 Burning Man experience

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 8.53.48 AM

The Gift: Herschel Fanny Pack
What It Is: Any experienced festivalgoer will attest that it’s a total buzzkill to schlep a purse around a festival all day. This is why fanny packs are the all-star way to carry around cash, IDs, gum, earplugs and other sundry fest necessities. This lightweight fanny from Herschel has a zippered compartment (to keep items from falling on the ground and being forever lost to the festival gods) along with an adjustable hip belt and a chic, functional style. There are loads more colors to choose from on the website.
What It Costs: $54.99
Who It’s For: Anyone who’s stylish, but sensible, and likes having their hands free to dance

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 8.42.16 AM

The Gift: Custom Fit EarPeace Earplugs
What It Is: For dance fans who enjoy hitting up clubs and festivals on the regular, earplugs are as much of a necessity as comfortable shoes and sweet dance moves. These custom earplugs by EarPeace are made to fit your ears only, ensuring protection against tinnitus and, in the long term, hearing loss, but without sacrificing quality sound. They’re not the cheapest item on this list, but your hearing is totally worth the investment—unless, of course, you’d rather be deaf in your 40s and unable to listen to your favorite artist’s new mix. Just hear us out on this one.
What It Costs: $165 (for a limited time only)
Who It’s For: Anyone who likes music and has ears


​The Gift:​ Exped Air Pillow
​What It Is:​ What’s better than the familiar pillow awaiting you each night upon bedtime? A pillow you can take with you anywhere. The Exped air pillow is inflatable, so you can roll it up and shove it in your bag en route to a music festival, then take it out and blow it up with just a couple breaths for a quick snooze on the grass between must-see sets. It’s much more comfortable (not to mention classier) than resting your tired head on a greasy pizza box.
​What It Costs:​ $38.95 – $48.95
​Who It’s For:​ Anyone who likes festivals and disco naps


The Gift: The Underground is Massive: How Electronic Dance Music Conquered America
​What It Is: There is a great deal of dance music literature out there, whether you’re into disco or techno or the glory days of raves, but few cover the genre’s modern history. Music journalist Michaelangelo Matos (who is also a regular contributor to Beatport News) is the first to chronicle the culture’s rise from outcast subculture to mainstream phenomenon specifically in the US. Stories of EDC, Skrillex, and Daft Punk’s game-changing Coachella set—they’re all there, waiting to be relived with each page turn. If you weren’t there, this is the next best thing.
​What It Costs:​ $25.99
​Who It’s For:​ Anyone who’s literate and curious about dance music’s US explosion


The Gift: Pürblack Live Resin
What It Is: This tar-like resin supplement tastes like hell, but it’s packed with loads of minerals that help prevent (and cure!) hangovers of all kinds. (It can also be ingested by diluting it in water to make the taste more bearable.) Considered a superfood food in Eastern naturopathic medicine, the purported benefits of Pürblack include improved mental clarity emotional stability, and immunity, and even faster tissue repair—in other words, just what you need after a big night out.
What It Costs: $89.00
Who It’s For: Any health-conscious party person

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